Emeryville, California

  • Hotels: Yes, expensive
  • Of Interest: not much
  • Safe at night: ?

The first hour out of the Emeryville station going north is stunning.  However, the area around the station is not.  The Emeryville Amtrak station is the main station serving San Francisco with buses too and from that city.  However, it is faster to take the BART to the nearest station and then take the bus.

I think the station is next to an interstate interchange.  There are several cookie cutter hotels within walking distance, although the walk may not be comfortable at night.  Also, because of the large scale of the parking lots, a walk from one end of the hotel strip to the other is probably quite a hike.  This area is accessible by walking across the tracks behind the station. At the time that I visited, most of the hotels were very expensive.  I just did a search on the Amtrak site, and it looks like hotel prices have come down significantly.

I was leaving early in the morning, and the only restaurant open for business was a Subway. It looks like the station is surrounded by offices.  Where do the people who work there eat?


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