Reno, Nevada

  • Hotels: Yes
  • Of Interest: Casinos, river walk, University of Nevada
  • Safe at night: Probably.  Currently trains arrive during the day.

The first time that I went took the train from San Francisco to Denver, I stopped in Reno, Nevada.  I like trains, but I don’t like to spend days on a train, and trains in the US are slow.

I did a search on because at that time (summer 2007)  that was the only site that allowed me to search for hotels in the vicinity of the train stations.  At that time the website listed the Sands Regency as the hotel closest to the train station.  I notice that now the site is more accurate, as that is NOT the closest hotel.  However, it is close enough and really cheap.

There are a huge number of cheap hotels in Reno because most of the hotels are casinos too.  I lost about $1o during my stay, and I am sure that most people lose more.  I also ate at onsite. There is a really good diner in the same building.  I really like diner food.

Casinos are not the only thing to do in Reno.  Downtown Reno and the University of Nevada are within walking distance. Downtown Reno is really attractive. The Truckee River is set up to be convenient for pedestrians and bicyclists.


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