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Glenwood Springs, CO

Of Interest: The Hot Springs Pool, scenic location

Lodging: hotel next to station, other hotels within walking distance

Glenwood Springs is famous for its outdoor hot springs and its beautiful location in the Rocky Mountains. The historic Hotel Denver is right next to the station. There has been a hotel on this spot since 1915 with the present hotel dating from 1938.

7th Street was where Glenwood Springs began, but most of the town is now an easy walk across the bridge over the river and highway. Just on the other side from the station. The Hot Springs Pool is the most famous hot spring in Colorado. There are actually two pools. The larger is two blocks long, and its water is 90 degrees. The smaller is 104 degrees.

Glenwood Springs is six and a half hours from Denver and nine hours to Salt Lake City via Amtrak’s California Zephyr. All trains arrive and depart in the early afternoon.


Glenwood Springs, CO

  • Lodging: Hotel Denver
  • Of Interest: hot springs, mountains
  • Safe at Night?: Yes (trains are scheduled to arrive in the early afternoon)

Glenwood Springs is a famous hot springs resort a few hours from Denver.  The Hotel Denver is right next to the station.  Other hotels and most of the town are on the other side of the river and I-70. Luckily, there is a pedestrian bridge for easy access.

The hot springs are highly recommended for both families and romantic couples.  And of course the mountains are beautiful.