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My First Book Review

I thought that since sports are such a big part of Thanksgiving weekend, I would post my book first book review now since it is sports related. I am writing this review because I got the book for free and because it has given me lots of ideas for future posts.

It’s title descibes it: 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live by Robert Tuchman. Looking for sports events to attend? Already know where you would like to go, and are looking for advice? Then this is the book for you.

Each entry tells you where the event is, when it is, why it is important, and who goes to the event. The “Who attends” may be the part to tell you whether you want to go to a particular event or not. Some entries also give some history, information about the sport, local restaurants and hotels, how to get to the event, and tips for having a good experience. Each entry includes a recommendation to a subsidiary of Premier Global Sports. Robert Tuchman runs one of those susidiaries, Premiere Corporate Events.

The book includes events from all over the world. It does a good job of covering events in Europe and North America, not so good for events in the rest of the world. Some venues have more than one event in which case you should read both entries as they will be different. It does not do a very good job of including women’s sports.

Overall, it is best for the most famous events and for the ones that you may not have heard of.  The middle (#25-50) dips a little in quality.

Now to the transit part of the review. About a fourth of the events lack a permanent venue. Of the rest, trains are mentioned in about a third of the entries. Of course, I think that trains should be mentioned in most entries, but that is probably good for a book published in the US. (It is notable that the management of auto races in Europe do not want people to bring cars to their events. They tell people to take trains or buses.)

Just a note, if you are going to New York City from most of the East Coast, it is faster to take the train than to fly.

Some upcoming sports events that I may do a post about include the Harvard vs. Yale and Army vs. Navy football games, basketball games at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion, hockey in Toronto.