Denver, CO

Of Interest: downtown Denver, Coors Field, Tattered Cover bookstore, Denver Performing Arts Center, local and intercity buses, light rail

Tourist Office: Yes, at 16th and California

Hotels: multiple (mostly expensive, most about twenty minutes walk or more)

Denver’s Union Station is on the edge of dowtown Denver, and is on one end of a free shuttle ride that will take you all the way Colorado’s Capitol building. You are probably going to have to take this shuttle to get to your hotel or to the tourist information office. The tourist information office is about a half hour walk from the station, and the closest hotel is about a fifteen minute walk.

Almost all of Denver’s downtown attractions are on or visible from the 16th Street Mall, the pedestrian route that is served by the free shuttle. The Tattered Cover is one of the largest independent booksellers in the US, and their downtown location is about ten minutes from Union Station. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts on 14th and Curtis is visible from 16th Street. The DCPA is also served by the D, F, H, and D light rail lines.

The C and E lines serve the station as well as a couple of locations that are not easy to walk to, like Mile High Stadium.  All light rail lines head into the south Denver Metro area.

It is a fifteen minute walk in a different direction to Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies. The walk will take you past a lot of sports bars, and a couple of art galleries. To get to this baseball field, walk left from the main exit of the station.


8 responses to “Denver, CO

  1. My daugher and I just returned from presenting at a conference in Denver. We always check out the local bookstores first and the Tattered Cover was wonderful! Reminded us of our own Eliott Bay Books in Seattle…which is going to be closed and/or moved out of Pioneer Square. Another victim of the economy woes. It has been there since the early 1970’s. Sad. But, Denver…great place other than the little issue of the toll highway. Surpise! I received a $52.00 charge after the fact from the car rental company because I somehow ended up on the toll highway and had to get off to find my way back to the hotel. Argh!

    • I am glad that you enjoyed your visit. I will check out Eliott Bay Books the next time that I am in Seattle.

      As for the toll road, that was the result of locals wanting transportation to pay its own way. We have a pretty good bus system as well as the light rail in Denver. I hope you check it out the next time you are here.

  2. Visiting from IComWeLeave. I love taking the train. I’ve been all the way out from Toronto to western Canada on Via Rail.

  3. No trips planned right now. My birthday is in December and if I could I would love to take a train trip then. So nice, relaxing and yet an adventure too. But, not likely this year. Too many things happening and my money is pretty tight.

    You asked if I like WordPress. I do have mixed feelings about it. I really like Movable Type but it lacks the support from the online community. There are far more plugins and fixes and such for WordPress. Having that makes it much easier to use their software. I would not say they have great support though. It just happens that a lot of people are using it and finding/ sharing their answers to problems.

    I still use Blogger for my personal blog. It is the most trouble-free of them all. Some people feel they are too good for Blogger. I think they are silly. Blogger is great, it gets the job done and, they are adding more options all the time.

  4. I shall add Tatter Cover to my list of bookstores to check out someday. Of course, my favorite bookstore is Powells City of Books in Portland. In Arizona, we have a great chain of used bookstores called Bookmans, as well as the annual used booksale in February with over 600,000 books.

  5. I love the tattered cover bookstore. I also go to the Denver Art Museum while I’m there, they have a great collection.

    Thanks for the train recommendations on my site, I’m a big fan of traveling by train.

  6. Your blog is so cool! I live close to Denver and now I want to be a tourist there. I look forward to reading more.


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